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New projects coming~!!

Posted by [email protected] on April 7, 2012 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (1)

  I just needed to kick back and write to all my QRN's readers.  I appreciate all the new subscribers that have graced the site~!! I hope that you send out news of a new era, QUEEN RELLA'S NOVELLA'S.  I'm making it sexy to read again~! I'm hoping to encourage some to turn off the television and pick up a book.  Reading exercises our minds in ways that a television don't allow us to do.  Reading gives us the power to imagine instead of being told what everything is suppose to look like~!! So pick up my book today and get a head start.  My first is just that, the first one! I have many more to come!

Speaking of many more to come.  I have a new title being put into editing as I type.  Listen,  the editing process can take some time, so  I wanted to update you and keep you on high alert!  ;)  If you didn't get the first book, you may want to get it before the next novella drops.  Word to the wise.  Even still it's nice that you joined my website~!! I appreciate the continued support.  Tell a friend...I believe in the each one, reach one process! lol.

So look out for the up coming new title to drop and swing past my create space page and grab up Steel Twinz "Ladies In The Street" YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED~!!!https://www.createspace.com/3691641" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> https://www.createspace.com/3691641  Your copy is waiting for you~!! :D

My New Experience

Posted by [email protected] on October 4, 2011 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I am so excited to send out my new books to my winners and family~!! I wish that I could freely give out books to many.  I know though, that now that I reached a new finish line.  All I did was open the door to new experience's.  First I have to say that to complete that book was like a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I enjoyed creating that world and taking each character to their limits.  When you read the book you will see what I am referring to. 

Anyway,  this new experience is marketing.  It was kind of fun. It is exciting getting out there and meeting people.  I know that I'm a home body.  I love to chill in my cozy spot with my loved ones.  Sometimes, I visit others peoples house, sometimes they come and visit mine.  I am not a big party goer and most people that know me, know that I don't enjoy the club scene.  When I did go out, I always opted for a discreet bar.  I just enjoy intimacy.  When I'm out I like to be able to hear folks I'm talking to.  In the club is just extra loud to me. 

It's funny because my sis told me, that I always did act like a little old lady.  I can't apologize for being who I am.  LMBO!  So I'm out walking the neighborhoods handing out flyers to promote my book with my best friend.  I realized that I've never did anything like this before.  It was engaging, exciting and a unique experience.  I realized that besides a small few. No one else is going to help sale this book for me.  SO this new experience is still doing what I have to do, and Market this book to a tee.

I am such a perfectionist having to exact each thing to a science.  I love the challenge the thrill of knowing that with the help of my CREATER, HUBBY, FAMILY, BEST FRIEND, CLOSE FRIENDS and A large multitude of supportive people, I wouldn't of made it through the past journey.  Still as I embark on a new journey...this marketing and promoting this book.  I wonder what new friendships that I could collect.  I pray and put out energy that they continue to be supportive, caring ones such as I have met so far. 


8) I just can't stop....I got to keep it moving~!!


Getting To The Finish Line....

Posted by [email protected] on September 20, 2011 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (2)

It’s easier said than done, getting to a goal sometimes.  I heard a story one time of a swimmer.  He decided to get taken out far into the ocean to swim back to shore preparing for a competition.  Last time he did it in less than ten minutes.  It was a foggy morning, so all he had to go off of, is that he is going in the right direction.  He had a far swim, but nothing he haven’t swam before.  It was the fog that was blocking his normal right to see the shoreline. For some reason on this particular day the tide was higher and thrashing against his body.  He swam, and swam…it felt like time was going slow and he still was swimming harder, than before.  He wanted to beat his previous time.  Starting to believe that he would never make it to shore, he contemplated giving up.  Something about not seeing the shore line, his finish line, is wearing down on his normal ambitious demeanor.  He was winded got a leg cramp and the brisk air he was gasping for, was starting to make his lungs burn.  His body was begging for him to quit.  This swimmer stopped short feeling as if he wouldn’t make it.

Isn’t that how it is sometimes?  You set a goal ahead of you, then when it don’t come to fruition fast enough, you start feeling as if you’re not going to complete it.  It starts to weigh heavy on your mind.  You contemplate giving up and admitting defeat.  You tried, and you fought the hard fight.  It all seems too far to reach, so not to look like a failure, you think about just giving it all up.  Moving on to the next goal, and letting that dream of hitting that finish line go.  I have been through that time, and time again.  I was on TWITTER and reading one of Rev Run’s stat updates.  I find him and Russell Simmons to be educational, inspirational and encouraging.  So, I read their stat updates on Twitter.  {If your on TWITTER go check them out, for encouragement.  You will not be disappointed.}  Anyway Rev Run said: FOCUS {Follow One Course Until Successful}  I found these words to be so true and motivational.

Even when the tide is up, everything is thrashing against you to not succeed, even your mind is starting to play tricks on you.  That is when these words need to kick in.  Forcing you to continue on your course, til you reach your finish line.  {{FOCUS}}  I don’t care if it’s for weight loss, a longer exercise time, a promotion at the job, trying to move, staying in a long term relationship, saving for a dream vacation.  No matter the personal goal it’s important for you to focus on the BIGGER PICTURE.  Not just the hardships that you’re being hit head on with.  Everyone runs into obstacles.  Nothing happens overnight, like the movies want you to think.  Most things worth having takes hard work.  Your job in any dream, goal, passion or desire….is to keep your FOCUS>>!  Forward progression!!!

So, what happened to the swimmer, floating at sea, trying to reach his finish line?  What happened, when he decided to stop rushing forward towards his goal, when he didn’t see the finish line near?  Well, he quickly found out after he was scooped up into the speed boat, winded and defeated, that the shore was less than a half a mile away.  He was right there…and didn’t even realize it.  He allowed his mind, to convince him that he couldn’t make it.  He allowed all the outside influences to deter him from reaching his goal.  What did this story teach me?  Well first that any dream or goal you want to achieve is closer than you think.  Second, that it’s up to you to reach your goals.  It’s all in your mind.  Third, that things will get in the way of you obtaining your dream, reaching your goal. But, you have to focus and keep on that same course to make it happen~!!

Why am I talking about making it to the finish line.  Well, I want to share with you something that helped me out.  This story that I shared, and the wisdom of Rev Run is something that every goal oriented person needs to hear.  Also I wanted to share with you that I have reached my FINISH LINE!  I have completed my urban fiction book, and it will be ready for sale by 9/30/11~!!!  My book title is STEEL TWINZ “Ladies In The Street“  It is a engrossing street tale about Twin sisters born into the under world of Pittsburgh Pa.  You get to navigate through life with them, as they live the street life. Proving that females can be hustlers too!

I have to be honest with you.  This book was a test to my dedication, determination and drive.  I think that I crashed into a lot of figurative high tides, and started to doubt my own ambition.  Still, when it’s something that you want.  You have to stay FOCUSED in order to reach any goal~!! I had to share this with you all and ask you to come through and support my NEW WEBSITE it’s www.queenrellabooks.webs.com !!!  On my site I will be holding new book contest, new book titles, Book sales information, meet and greet schedule, new book release information and more~!! I’m excited, to say the least,…my book…MY FINISH LINE is right there, in front of me!  I pushed through all my obstacles, and completed my FIRST edition urban fiction NOVELLA~!!

 www.queenrellabooks.webs.com COME THROUGH and SHOW SUPPORT~!! So, I say to you…don’t give up on any dreams that you have.  Any goals that you are setting out to achieve, believe me when I say that if you FOCUS, you will SUCCEED~!!  Your FINISH LINE is closer than you think~!! Thanks for reading…AGAPE. <3