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Quotes So I finally finished my book yesterday. I am sorry it took so long but I had to put myself on punishment to finish school work and this is finals week and my work was done. I LOVED the book and denifately can't wait until the next one. As ...I kept reading, I kept looking at the pages like wait I don't have enough, what's going to happen. So now I must wait (patiently :0)) for the next edition. Wonderful work Barb!!!!!! Quotes
Kasha P
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Quotes Mrs Queenrella. My goodness. I have to say that I am honored to have read your book. Every single character had an agenda and went for what they wanted. It was so real and visually powerful that i had to keep reading! I sure didn't want it to end I'm anxious to find out which one id going to survive? Oh and let's not forget the recipes you put in book. I know I'm going to try them out lol! And your spoken word spoke volumes and matched with each chapter. I was entertained to the fullest! Wonderful work Queen! I'm so proud of you! Quotes